3 Great Alternatives to Root Canals

When you have a severely infected or inflamed tooth, the primary treatment option presented to you by many dentists is a root canal. Although root canals can help preserve a damaged tooth, there are now superior options available to you to get rid of an infection.

Practicing at The Systemic Dentist in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, Alireza Panahpour, DDS, is experienced in performing alternative procedures to root canals. Discover more about three excellent root canal alternative procedures you can get.

Understanding root canals

You might have a root canal procedure recommended to you if your tooth has severe damage from infections, trauma to the tooth, or inflammation. Getting a root canal often allows you to keep your natural tooth.

When you get a root canal, the dentist performs a pulpectomy, which removes the damaged pulp or inner tissue from your tooth. This takes place under local anesthesia, with the dentist first drilling a hole to remove the pulp.

After removing the pulp, the dentist cleans the inside of your tooth, fills it with gutta-percha material, and seals the tooth. You’ll need to get a tooth filling or crown on the tooth to restore it to full functionality.

Why get a root canal alternative?

Root canal procedures do often work as intended. However, sometimes they can have complications. Sometimes, a root canal fails to eliminate the entire infection in your tooth, which leaves you vulnerable to further problems.

A lingering infection after your root canal can be the culprit if you’re prone to chronic tooth infection or have an overall lowered immunity. As a systemic dentist focused on how your dental health impacts your entire body, Dr. Panahpour is concerned about how lingering tooth infections can leave you prone to cancers, strokes, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and other chronic medical conditions.

Getting a root canal alternative can be better for your entire body’s overall health and ensure your teeth are infection-free.

Three alternative procedures to root canals

If you’ve had a root canal procedure recommended to you or are experiencing possible complications from a root canal, a root canal alternative might be right for you. Dr. Panahpour evaluates you to determine if you’re a good candidate for extraction, ozone gas, or calcium hydroxide treatment.

1. Tooth extraction

In a tooth extraction, Dr. Panahpour removes your entire tooth as an alternative to a root canal. Completely removing your tooth ensures the infection is no longer present.

After he’s removed the tooth, Dr. Panahpour replaces it with either a dental implant or bridge. Dental implants are natural-looking, sturdy, and appear and function exactly like a healthy tooth.

2. Ozone gas

Ozone gas is a highly effective natural gas that can kill your entire infection and any harmful bacteria without requiring any removal of your tooth’s natural pulp. Dr. Panahpour drills a hole in your infected tooth and inserts the ozone gap deeply into the tooth to perform this procedure. 

3. Calcium hydroxide

Using calcium hydroxide in your tooth stops bacterial growth in your tooth and eliminates bacterial tissue. This procedure also involves drilling a hole in your tooth, then rinsing it out with calcium hydroxide. Like ozone gas, this procedure allows you to keep your tooth.

If you’d like to investigate the possibility of a root canal alternative with Dr. Panahpour, schedule an evaluation at The Systemic Dentist by calling 888-338-6336.

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