Systemic Dentistry uses organic, natural, and non-toxic materials, with an added emphasis on identifying mouth stressors in other parts of the body. A Systemic Dentist views your teeth as an integral part of our body and overall health. Treatments aid in optimal oral health, as well as aiming to prevent general illness and strengthen the whole body.

Diagnostic Evaluation

Dr. Panahpour's 27 years of experience in providing systemic dental diagnosis and holistic dental treatment, combined with our practice's state-of-the-art technology for diagnosis and the services of one of the most extensive diagnostic labs in the country provide our patients with the answers to their questions about their health.

Patients from around the world seek Dr. Panahpour's diagnosis. Click below to connect and schedule your in-office evaluation. For non-local clientele, please request a consultation with Dr. Panahpour via Skype, via the contact form.


Dental Hygiene / Myofunctional Therapy

A deep cleaning at Systemic Dentist is a jump-start to a healthier lifestyle. We offer the only biological, integrative, holistic dental hygiene treatment in Seattle, Bellevue and Washington. Both traditional and ultrasonic imaging are incorporated, as well as 3D digital imaging (when necessary) for instant detection.


Mercury Removal

As one of the world's first systemic dentists, Dr. Panahpour has an extensive history of success in the safe removal of mercury fillings. Using cutting-edge technology, prevention of re-exposure is achieved via a reliable detoxification protocol. Fillings are replaced with a safe biocompatible alternative.

Dental amalgam is a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture, with up to 50% mercury. Mercury can weaken stomach acid. Mercury + HCL (stomach acid) = mercuric chloride. This damages the lining of the stomach and its ability to make hydrochloric acid, allowing pathogenic bacteria, parasites and amoebas to enter the body and challenge your immunity.

After the safe removal of “silver fillings,” many patients report relief of certain symptoms.


Root Canal Alternatives

Save your teeth with root canal alternatives. Prevent and eliminate chronic infections with safe root canal removal. This can be the difference between a long and healthy life, and a silent infection that burdens your body’s immune system.

To learn more about the Root Canal Breast Cancer Connection, read Dr. Panahpour’s article here:


A Different Approach To Pain Caused By TMJ / Bite Alignment

Chronic dental airway space issues and bite malalignment can create long term stress to the cervical spine, which can cause or exacerbate pain or discomfort to many different parts of the body.

Research has demonstrated the relationship between posture and dental occlusion, TM condyle position, and airway space.

You have options for diagnosis and treatment of TMJ. Dr. Panahpour specializes in less invasive treatment that may not (necessarily) involve any of the same appliances or machines that are typically used for TMJ treatment. Dr. Panahpour uses a multidisciplinary approach to oral health and its relationship to whole-body health.

With certifications in A.R.T., Chiro-Dontics, and accreditation in cranial facial epigenetics, Dr. Panahour does a thorough check and a short series of tests for oral and whole-body health, and loss of alignment and strength caused by TMJ utilizing chiropractic, dental orthopedics, cosmetic dentistry, nutrition and cranial orthopedic manipulation techniques as part of every new patient exam.


Removal Of Hidden Dental Infection

Hidden dental infection can form in the jaw bone at the site of root canals and at the site of improper/faulty tooth extractions where remnants, fibers, and sometimes pieces of tooth are left behind. When these sites are not properly cleaned out after the root canal or extraction, they become the perfect home for biofilm and infection.

Unfortunately, a patient will never feel one of these infections hidden deep in their jaw, .because at the site of an old tooth extraction or root canal, the nerve of the tooth is either dead or has been removed.

Surprisingly, a general dentist with a regular 2D ex-ray is unlikely to detect these dental focal infections at the site of a wisdom tooth extraction or beneath an old root canal, but your body's immune system does. These hidden, chronic infections are a battleground where your body's immune system is fighting every day.

More and more research is showing us how these jaw infections impact the whole body. For instance, the same bacteria found in gum disease has also been proven to be found in heart disease, diabetes and several types of cancer. Although the relationship is not fully understood, scientists agree that this relationship is present.

There are only a handful of dentists worldwide who have dedicated their life to researching and treating patients from these chronic infections found at the site of faulty tooth extractions and root canals. Dr. Panahpour is one of these elite doctors with the specialized training, experience and technology for imaging, detection and diagnosis of dental focal infection as well as expert-level knowledge, skill and experience in oral surgery and care for dental infection that may be burdening the body’s immune system. We integrate with medical teams all over the world, and we welcome your ND or MD to request 3D bone scan direct resonance digital imaging for their diagnosis as well.


Cosmetic Dental Treatments & Restoration

Biomimetic and aesthetically beautiful dental veneers optimize the power of your presentation + your health.


Mercury Amalgam Removal

Dr. Panahpour has more experience in the safe, effective removal of mercury fillings and in the placement of biocompatible mercury-free fillings using biomimetic techniques than any dentist in North America. He follows both the Huggins Protocol and the S.M.A.R.T. protocols


Metal-Free Dental Implants

Considering metal-free zirconia dental implants? Dr. Panahpour has 28 years of experience in placing metal-free dental implants. The experience of your holistic dental professional makes the difference in placing metal-free implants that last.



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