My doctor told me that this would have killed me in 3-5 years,” said Chris C., a patient who was diagnosed with high blood pressure and early-stage cardiovascular disease. Chris C. no longer has any need for blood pressure medication. He credits Dr. Panahpour in saving his life.

The Story

Chris C. leads a very healthy life; every day he exercises, eats healthy, organic foods, drinks good water, gets adequate sleep and takes vitamins and nutritional supplements, doing everything he can to stay healthy and strong.

He was shocked when his doctor told him he had developed high blood pressure, and was showing early signs of cardiovascular disease.

Chris‘ doctor suggested he start taking blood pressure medication, but as a life coach and holistic health coach for 38 years, instead of treating the symptom of high blood pressure, Chris wanted to find out what was causing it, and eliminate the problem at its source.

His doctors did testing of his blood and other tests before determining that Chris had a systemic infection somewhere in his body that was causing his early onset cardiovascular disease(and one other issue in his back, that we will tell you about in our next blog post.) After digging more and more, Chris’ medical team determined that there was a hidden infection that he could not see or feel, deep in his jaw. It was at that time that Chris was referred to Dr. Panahpour.

“Without the cavitation surgery from Dr. Panahpour, my doctor told me that I probably would have had a heart attack or a stroke in 3-5 years.”

Dr. Panahpour is well-known for being one of the world’s best dental surgeons for removal of focal infection anywhere wisdom teeth have been removed and behind root canals.

“I had no symptoms of an infection. I felt great…. I would have been one of those people you hear about who has a heart attack and everyone says “How could this happen to someone as healthy as him?

— Chris C., Patient

Dr. Panahpour confirmed the hidden infection that was putting so much bad bacteria into Chris’ body, lodged in his jaw where he had had a tooth pulled several years ago, as well as infection at the site of some root canals Chris had done some time ago.

Dr Panahpour did two jawbone infection surgeries at the site of old tooth extractions, and found gangrene hidden deep inside Chris’ jawbone, unseen and unfelt by him. The gangrene was causing problems with meridians/blood flow, that was determined to be the source of Chris’ high blood pressure.

Dr. Panahpour’s Take:

When there is chronic infection anywhere in the body, it causes inflamation, and it can become a burden on the patient’s immune system. When our immune systems are burdened, it makes them less effective at fighting off other diseases.

“It is firmly established that a link exists between periodontal disease and heart disease.” — Dentistry IQ

Although it may seem strange that cardiovascular disease may be related to an infection that you can’t see or feel and that your general dentist isn’t trained to look for in your jaw, it is not surprising to those who have studied the research that has established an indisputable link between heart disease and gum disease.

I am an expert at removal of infection that is causing a burden on a patient’s immune system, often located at the site of old tooth extractions and root canals, where the patient never feels or sees it, because of it’s location deep in the jaw, where the nerve of the tooth is already dead, or has been removed.

Removal of this infection often helps patients to become as healthy as they can be, because their immune system is no longer burdened with something it is not able to heal.

Dr. Panahpour will be hosting the first “Ask a Biological Dentist” event on the topic of “The Connection Between Gum Disease and Heart Disease” at Systemic Dentist on Tuesday, Jan. 30, as part of our monthly “Dental Cultures for Healthy Hearts” free community screening for the bacteria present in both gum and heart disease.

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