How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

If you’re missing at least one permanent tooth and considering a replacement, you might be thinking about getting dental implants. Dental implants come with many benefits, including being attractive, sturdy, and improving your overall health.

One question you might have about dental implants is how often you need to replace them. Alireza Panahpour, DDS, the systemic dentist here at The Systemic Dentist in Los Angeles, California, is here to reassure you that ZERAMEX® dental implants are usually a permanent solution to a lost tooth.

Find out more about ZERAMEX dental implants and what you can do to make yours last forever.

About dental implants

Dental implants permanently replace any lost teeth you have. If you’re missing one or more permanent adult teeth and have a healthy jawbone, dental implants are an ideal method to restore your entire smile.

At The Systemic Dentist, Dr. Panahpour uses ZERAMEX dental implants, which are metal-free ceramic implants that are strong and appear attractively white. These stress-free implants are comfortable and long-lasting.

Dr. Panahpour fits your ZERAMEX dental implants by inserting them into a hole he carefully creates in your jawbone tissue. After insertion, the implant fuses with the bone. Once this process is complete, your tooth works and looks as your permanent tooth previously did.

As a systemic dentist, Dr. Panahpur recommends dental implants as the tooth replacement solution with the most significant benefit to your oral and overall health. Dental implants keep your jawbone and remaining natural teeth healthy and make it easier for you to eat a varied diet of healthy foods.

How long can I expect my dental implants to last?

Nearly all of the time, you can expect your ZERAMEX dental implants to last your entire lifetime. After the insertion is complete, dental implants are an effective, permanent replacement for your natural teeth.

ZERAMEX implants are even more reliable than traditional implants because of their metal-free ceramic system that prevents gum inflammation. This reduces the chance of peri-implantitis, the biggest cause of implant loss.

Unlike other tooth-replacement systems like dentures, you don’t need to remove your dental implants at night, nor do you need to expect to return to Dr. Panahpour for a new implant in several years. You can also treat a dental implant exactly like your natural teeth, with no special care instructions.

Ensuring your dental implants last forever

To make sure your dental implants stay in place for a lifetime, it’s vital to take care of them during the insertion process and after they’re fully in place. When the initial insertion process, which can take several months, is taking place, your dental implants aren’t fully fused to your jawbone yet.

During this time, carefully follow Dr. Panahpour’s care instructions to ensure your jawbone has time to heal and accept the tooth. This gives your body time to accept the tooth and allow it to fuse to your jawbone.

Once the implant insertion process is complete, you can treat implants just like your natural teeth. Your implant will last if you practice good dental hygiene and habits.

This means you should make sure you continue to brush twice a day, floss daily, and continue to come to your regular dental examinations and cleanings with Dr. Panahpour. You should also schedule an appointment with Dr. Panahpour immediately if you notice any problems with your dental implant.

ZERAMEX dental implants can give you a permanent new lease on life when you’ve lost natural teeth, with improved appearance and health. To learn more about dental implants, call us at The Systemic Dental to make an appointment.

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