Natural and Toxic Free Fillings

Dr. Panahpour is an expert biological holistic dentist with exceptional experience and success in the safe, effective removal of mercury fillings and the replacement of them with biocompatible fillings using biomimetic techniques.


If mercury enters the stomach, it can weaken stomach acid. Here’s why. Mercury + HCL (stomach acid) = mercuric chloride. Mercuric chloride damages the lining of the stomach and its ability to make hydrochloric acid, making it easier for pathogenic bacteria, parasites and amoebas to get inside you and challenge your immunity.

* weaker immunity

*difficulty with digestion / heartburn

a chronic state of acidosis leading to tooth decay


Focal infections in the jaw from infected root canals are a common example of the mouth-body connection that I see all the time in my practice. Patients do not always experience pain when an old root canal becomes infected, because the nerve at the end of the tooth was taken out.

Chronic oral infections that are not causing the patient physical pain can raise your risk of a variety of illnesses. An infection in the jaw may not be visible to the naked eye; you need a good dentist who knows how to check to see if an old root canal is a culprit that is negatively affecting your health.