DUO Quattro Centrifuge

i-PRF M, i-PRF, A-PRF+, i-PRF+, A-PRF, PRF (L)

IntraSpin™ by Intra-Lock
Plasma Rich Protein (PRP)
Plasma Rich Fiber (PRF)

What we use PRP and PRF for:
*Create biological bone augmentation material

*Aids in healing socket preservation

*Increase height and width of jaw bone

*Aid healing in periodontitis and all series of periodontal disease

RadioLase (Cold Laser)
High Frequency-Low Temperature 4.0 MHz

Monopolar and Bipolar Technology that produces a variety of waveforms to establish cutting, cutting with coagulation, and just coagulation. RadioLase uses a 3.8 to 4 MHz radiosignal to produce a fine microsmooth incision with no lateral heat being sent to the surrounding tissues. This is extremely important for extensive areas of oral surgery where proximity to underlying soft and hard tissue re-quires a delicate incision.

When it comes to cutting bone, you can of course use traditional burs and saws. They do cut bone, too – but they do not differentiate: any soft tissue getting in their way will also be cut.

The special ultrasonic microvibrations of the original PIEZOSURGERY® technique cut bone – and nothing else. No soft tissue is damaged, which allows you to work with a precision that facilitates not only surgery itself, but reduces postoperative discomfort for your patients at the same time.

Ozone DTA®
The innovative ozone generator is beneficial to caries, root extraction, oozing hemorrhages and most dental treatments. It provides pain-free disinfection, faster wound healing and longer-lasting efficacy for your patient’s comfort.

Safe and rapid disinfection in the oral cavity. High-dose ozone can be used in many dental applications. It penetrates to even the smallest pits and fissures of the teeth to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi. Clinical Studies http://www.healozone.de/en/news/studies.html