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Without effective treatment, a tooth infection can spread or weaken your overall immunity. Systemic dentist Alireza Panahpour, DDS, specializes in root canal alternatives like ozone gas and extractions to preserve your health and help you avoid chronic illnesses. To book your diagnostic evaluation and explore root canal alternatives, call Dr. Panahpour’s office in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, or schedule an appointment online today.

Root Canal Alternatives Q & A

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a routine dental treatment that you might need if your tooth’s inner soft tissue, called the pulp, becomes infected or inflamed. This infection can cause extreme tooth pain and sensitivity, and it only gets worse without treatment.

During a root canal, a dentist creates a small hole in the chewing surface of the painful tooth. They remove the pulp through the hole before sanitizing the empty cavity inside. Then they replace the pulp with a rubbery material. You may also need a crown to cover the tooth and restore its ability to chew without breaking. 

While root canals are very well-known and can result in significant pain relief, there are alternative treatment options. Dr. Panahpour can treat and prevent serious infections using root canal alternatives. 

What are root canal alternatives?

Root canal alternatives are therapies that treat a tooth infection or inner tooth inflammation without removing the pulp from inside your tooth. Dr. Panahpour can recommend one or more of these procedures after assessing the extent of your condition with a diagnostic evaluation. Your options for root canal alternatives include:


One option to treat a tooth infection is to remove the whole tooth. Once the tooth is out, you can replace it with a custom bridge or dental implant.

Ozone gas

Ozone gas can penetrate deep into your tooth and the soft tissue surrounding it after Dr. Panahpour drills a hole in the problematic tooth. The ozone gas kills bacteria to disinfect the pulp without removing it. 

Calcium hydroxide 

Calcium hydroxide is a similar option to ozone gas. Dr. Panahpour rinses the inside of your tooth with calcium hydroxide to dissolve dead tissue and prevent bacteria from gathering in the tooth.

Why should I consider root canal alternatives?

As a systemic dentist, Dr. Panahpour explores the relationship between your oral health and your overall health. He emphasizes root canal alternatives because of the possible complications from root canal therapy that can affect your entire body’s health. 

In some cases, a tooth infection can become a chronic oral condition. The bacteria causing a tooth infection can become resistant to antibiotics and linger silently after a root canal. The infection weakens your immune system and can increase your risk for:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Stroke
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory infections
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Pregnancy complications

Low immunity and frequent or recurrent tooth infections are signs of chronic oral infection. Dr. Panahpour evaluates your oral and overall health to determine if root canal alternatives can improve your health.

For more information about tooth infections and root canal alternatives, call Alireza Panahpour, DDS, or book an appointment online today.