Everyone knows what a cavity is, but what is a cavitation?

A cavity is a hollow in the tooth caused by bacteria that have infected and destroyed a portion of tooth enamel. Like a tooth cavity, a dental cavitation is a hollow, but it is located in the jaw bone in the location of improper/faulty tooth extractions where remnants, fibers, and sometimes pieces of tooth are left behind. When these sites are not properly cleaned out after the extraction, they become the perfect home for biofilm and infection.

Cavities are sites of infection that can hurt, and can often be seen by the naked eye. Everybody knows that if a cavity doesn’t hurt today, it will likely hurt in the long term.

Unfortunately, when a cavitation becomes a site of infection, a patient will never see or feel it. A cavitation will never “hurt,” because they’re deep in the jaw where there are no nerves or at the site of an old tooth extraction or root canal, where the nerve of the tooth is either dead or has been removed.

Surprisingly, a general dentist with a regular 2D ex-ray is also unlikely to detect jawbone cavitation or infection, but your body’s immune system does. The hidden, chronic infection found at sites of cavitation in your body are a battleground where your body’s immune system is fighting every day.

More and more research is showing us how these jaw infections impact the whole body. For instance, the same bacteria found in gum disease has also been proven to be found in heart disease, diabetes and several types of cancer. Although the relationship is not fully understood, scientists agree that the relationship is present.

There are only a few advanced dentists who have dedicated their life to researching and treating patients from these chronic infections found at the sites of cavitations. Dr. Panahpour is one of these very few doctors globally with the elite training, experience and technology for cavitation imaging, detection and diagnosis as well as expert-level knowledge, specialized training and skill in oral surgery and care for cavitation that may be burdening the body’s immune system. We integrate with medical teams all over the world, and we welcome your ND or MD to request 3D bone scan direct resonance digital imaging for their diagnosis as well.

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