He Wrote The Book On Healing Through Dentistry

Based on the scientifically proven connection between the health of your mouth and the health of your body, The Good Dentist offers case stories about real-life patients who have recovered from heart disease, overcome infertility, been cured of cataracts and more after treatment by a systemic dentist.

Learn how your health and immunity may improve by working with a systemic dentist – a new type of dentistry that looks for signs of hidden disease in the body that may be presenting symptoms that most dentists are not trained to look for in your mouth. Get tips and tricks to optimize your whole body health with the right habits, tools, and choices for dental health, including how to identify the right dental provider for your best health and healing.

The Good Dentist presents the case for a new role for dental providers in early identification of chronic disease and in the health benefits of using biomimetic materials and treatments in place of the most common dental treatments and materials used today.

The Good Dentist chronicles case stories where chronic, hidden and painless infection at the site of many wisdom tooth extractions and root canals are also a chronic drain on the patient’s immune system. When these infections are removed, it can result in amazing health benefits for patients that are thought-provoking for the future role of dentistry in healthcare.